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Barn name Hinto (Native American Dakota Tribe meaning Blue).  Hintos dam is Black Kizzi 14.2hh (Grand Sire Ruby Skys Black Bear aka DJ Bear) her sire is King Koal 15.2hh (Grandsire the PO Stallion, Great Grandsire The Governor).  Hinto a Black Blagdon pictured below on the left, foaled 5/9/16 and she carries the following dna markers aa,Ee, (PSSM1 Negative)  Call 713.203.0683 for more information.

Hinto on Left


Foaled April 1, 2017 this colt is named Auniques Elan Native American Cheyenne meaning Friendly – his sire is Auniques Kilchii (Grand Sire Brakenhills Alfie)13.2hh dam is Auniqes Inola 13.2hh (Grand Sire Cicis Duke of Earl).  Elan is a very elegant black colt.  Call 713.203.0683 for more information.


Foaled April 8, 2017 this colt is named Auniques Koi (Native American Choctaw meaning Panther) his dam is Lone Stars Lady in Lace 13.1hh and his sire is Dr Watson 14.2hh.  He is a Smoky Black  Call 713.203.0683 for more information.

 Sold – Jack

Sold – Gypsy Elites Sligos Apollo

Gypsy Elite Sligos Apollo

Sold – Auniques Sapata 

Native American Miwok Tribe meaning Dancing Bear

Sapata one week old

SOLD – Auniques Dragonflys Maska

Native American meaning Strong

Aunique Dragonflys Maska

Sold – Auniques Niyol

Native American Navajo Tribe meaning meaning Wind

Sold – Auniques Orenda

Native American Iriquois Tribe meaning Magic Power

(1st black mare on right)

Sold – Auniques KOKO

Native American Blackfoot Tribe meaning Night

Sold – Auniques WFR Chlumani

Native American Sioux Tribe meaning Dew