Foal Watch Volunteers Needed

We need your help!  With so many foals due it is hard to insure everyone is safe without your help.  If you have an extra night or two to spare, we have a getaway room for you.  All we ask is that you spy on specific mares hourly throughout the night to let us know if they are starting to deliver.  We are expecting foals between February and June.    If you are available, please fill out the form below and we will call you.  You don’t have to have experience we will teach you everything and you will be there for the delivery.   Bring a friend or a loved one.  AC, Microwave, Restroom and Bed provided during your stay.

Estimated Dates of Delivery.

  1. Ayita & Watson due 2/25/23 to 3/12/23
  2. Sugar & Shandor due 2/25/23 to 3/12/23
  3. Kasa & Watson due 3/11/23 to 3/26/23
  4. Weeko & Watson due 3/21/23 to 4/5/23
  5. Tablita & Satanta due 3/27/23 to 4/11/23
  6. Maggie & Satanta due 4/15/23 to 4/30/23
  7. Gypsy Chic & Silver due 4/30/23 to 5/15/23
  8. Kachina & Satanta due 5/3/23 to 5/18/23
  9. Sharona & Shilah due 5/7/23 to 5/22/23
  10. Oprah & Satanta due

Foal Watch Volunteer


Thank you!