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Sir James The Braveheart SOLD

Braveheart is a very special young stallion.  Foaled 10/10/20 his sire is Auniques Medicine Man and his dam is A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Darcie.  He has two blue eyes, a big heart on his chest and carries one copy of the LP gene.   His lineage is Shogunner on one side and Lion King on the other.   He is expected to mature between 14.3 and 15hh.  He went to his first two shows at 1 year old and placed 1st in color at the USEF Show.  The potential is there!  Stands great for farrier or vet, loads great.   For more information call 713-702-4569.





AWS Kalliopi and AWS Darcie  SOLD

Simply the best driving team looking for that special place to park their wagon. As a team these 12 year old girls have been together since birth and work as a team. They have worked cattle under saddle and by wagon. Their show record includes Ft Worth, Austin, Kentucky Horse Park and more. Excellent mannered they are easy to load, halter, farrier, saddle, wash, drive, ride, etc. They are truly a dream team!  Sold as a team.  Their wagons and tack are also available for an additional fee.  Both in great health.  GHRA Registered.  For more information call 713-702-4569.


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Auniques Lesharo

Auniques Lesharo is a black and white colt with a cream gene.  Lesharo is Native American Pawnee meaning Chief.   His dam is Miss Price 13.1hh, his sire Auniques Peta 15.1hh.  Foaled April 3, 2019. Halter broke, lead trained and walks besides Kubota.   Lesharo is in training currently.  For more information please call 713-702-4569.

Auniques Lesharo has one Red allele and one Black allele, indicating the base coat color appears Black. One Cream allele was detected which may dilute base coat color, possibly appearing Smoky Black. One Tobiano allele was detected which may result in White markings. As a result of the allele count in each of the following, he has a minimum 50% chance of passing Red or Black, and 50% Cream and/or Tobiano to any offspring.  PSSM1 NEGATIVE
The following are videos of Lesharo in training.

Auniques Sahkyo  SOLD

Auniques Sahkyo.  Sahkyo is Native American Navajo meaning Mink.  This mares dam is Lone Stars Lady in Lace 13.1hh, her sire is Auniques Dr Watson 14.2hh.  Foaled March 2, 2019. Halter broke, lead trained, body clipped and walks besides Kubota.   GHRA registere.  For more information please call 713-702-4569.

Auniques Sahkyo has one Red allele and one Black allele, indicating the base coat color appears Black.  PSSM1 NEGATIVE

Finonan aka Finn is a stallion.  His dam Clononeen Dunluce, his sire is Dunbrody of Roscreigh.  Foaled April 13, 2009. Shown once at Oklahoma State Fair he did very well for his first show.  He is halter broke, lead trained, body clipped, walks besides Kubota, started under saddle and ground driving.   For more information please call 713-702-4569.

DNA: EE-nT-Gg.  PSSM1 NEGATIVE  –  GHRA & GCDHA Registered

Fionan of Rosecreigh

Fionan of Rosecreigh