Gypsy Horse Riding Lessons

Aunique Ranch offers lessons on horsemanship, halter, bareback, and western pleasure.   We also host classes on equine language and recognizing basic illnesses in a horse.  Riding and equestrian lessons for riders age 8 to 80.  We offer “kid and senior friendly” lesson horses to advanced show horses for the competitor.   If you are a newcomer to equestrian sports, Aunique Ranch is a great place to start. Student safety is our ultimate priority, we require boots with heels and safety helmets (rental helmets available for an additional five dollars). We focus on providing a solid basis of horsemanship skills.  We host shows that clients can participate in as well as attending local shows.


To schedule horseback riding lessons please fill out the Registration Form below if you need to reach us leave a message at 713.702-4569 or email  attoyac1@swbell.net

Aunique Ranch is a horseback riding academy offering western horseback riding lessons. We specialize in beginners and in creating true and proper equestrians.

We teach riders age 8 through 80.

Our group lessons are taught in a group format, once a week, at the same time and on the same horse, so for instance you would ride at 8:00am Monday nights on “Diva”.  Ten minutes of your hour-long class time is dedicated to tack (equipment) changes and ride time should be about 45 minutes.  Western Riding Lessons, Bareback and Halter are scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 11am.


Students with disabilities are referred to SIRE’s wonderful program. Their phone number is 281.356.7588.


If the student is a minor child under the age of 18 years, both mother and father must sign and initial each page of our liability waiver form to grant permission to ride. If the student is an adult age 18 or over, they must sign a liability waiver form in order to ride. Be certain to include your health insurance information on this form and your complete mailing and email address. You may print the form at the link below:



Safety is our number-one priority. We want you to be familiar with our barn safety rules which you can print below:



We require ALL riders to wear certified ASTM/SEI helmets, riders are required to bring their own helmets or they can be purchased or rented through Aunique Ranch (please follow the links below to place orders). Your order will be delivered to the Ranch for pickup.  Bicycle helmets are not allowed because they are produced to protect in different circumstances. Group Class Riders must wear jeans or jodhpurs and Western or English riding boots are required.

Click here to view Youth English Apparel and Equipment

Click here to view Youth Western Apparel and Equipment


Due to the weather should we decide to cancel lessons we call or text our students.  We do not decide in the early afternoon, as weather conditions in Houston change rapidly.  For weekend lesson weather information, text 713.702.4569.

Thank you for your interest in our programs and we look forward to meeting you!


Disclaimer: Due to the nature of horses and unforeseen events we cannot guarantee the lesson content of any horseback riding class.

AUNIQUE RANCH IS CLOSED FOR RIDING LESSONS ON THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS – Memorial Day – Independence Day – Labor Day- Thanksgiving Day – Christmas Eve – New Years Holiday No make-up lessons for these holidays

EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS Lesson cancellations by Aunique Ranch due to extreme weather will not be made up. Aunique Ranch does not charge extra for 5 week months, therefore you receive 4 free lessons over the course of the year to offset inclement weather days

  • • ALL RIDERS AT AUNIQUE RANCH MUST WEAR A HELMET WHEN MOUNTED. • NO SMOKING – OUR HORSES DON’T LIKE SECOND HAND SMOKE • Do not touch, pet or feed any horse without your teacher’s presence and permission. • Horses have powerful teeth that can inflict serious harm at any time • Do not run up to or walk closely behind a horse! • No students or guest dogs allowed on the property. • Any cruelty to a horse will result in automatic termination of lessons and no refund for any remaining balance on students account.
  • •• PAYMENTS FOR LESSONS ARE DUE BY THE 7TH OF EACH MONTH • A $25 Late fee per student will be assessed. • Students grounded for disciplinary reasons must pay for the month even though they are not here: Otherwise they will not be accepted back into our program. • Students may not drop the month of December, this is really critical to our ranch. Our horses continue to need feed, hay, farrier, veterinarian care, etc. • PROGRAM CANCELLATIONS Must occur 30 days before beginning of the new month. • The Cost of our group lessons is $250.00 per month – it is a flat rate no matter if it is a four or five week month. • Ten minutes of your hour long lesson time is dedicated to tack (equipment) changes and tide time should be about 50 minutes. • All students must read and agree to the Barn Rules. • All students must sign and submit a Liability Waiver. Minors must have both parents/guardians sign the form to grant permission to ride. (Liablity waiver form is due the fisrst day of class at the beginning of the class. • We require All Riders wear a ASTM/SEI helmets, riders can bring their own helmets or purchase them. (we do have helmets available for sale). • Riders must wear jeans or jodpurs and Western or English riding boots are required. • Due to the nature of horses and unforeseen events we cannot guarantee the lesson content of any horseback riding class.
  • • We require a 24 hour cancellation notice, or physician’s note for all classes or the student will be charged or the class forfeited. • If you miss a class you must take a makeup lesson within thirty days or the lesson will be lost. • Makeup lessons Cannot be taken if you have not paid for the current months classes. For instance you cannot miss a month of classes and then use the makeup lesson to pay for the following month’s classes. • Because we do not charge for it there are no makeups if you miss one class in a 5 – week month. • You must remain enrolled otherwise the makeup classes are forefeited. • Makeup lessons booked and missed are forfeited.