Photography Tours

Aunique Ranch is available for photography tours.

Photo by Richard Houghton

Discounts available for sharing your shots with the ranch.

Photography Clubs $35 per person.

Professional Photographers $50 per hour.

Videographers $50 per hour.

Call to schedule. 713-203-0683

Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Horses

There is a whole horse language involving their ears, leg stance, and head movement. Avoid pictures where the horses ears are pinned back, which means the horse is not happy. I would suggest spending some time googling horse body language before you set out on your first equine photo session – not only to know all the best positions, but to also know if a horse is about to attempt to do you some serious damage. Never stand behind a horse. Never catch a horse by surprise. Make sure horse knows where you are, they don’t like people jumping out from behind bushes, or sudden movements. Never run up to a horse. Even wearing bright colors can startle some horses. Regardless of what style of equine photography you are attempting, I would recommend a zoom lens so you can get in close on detail, without getting too close to the horse. You’ll want a fairly fast shutter speed, even for portraits – those ears move fast. I’d recommend a minimum of 1/250th  for general photography, faster if the horse is moving at high speed. Generally you want good horse shapes where you can see all four legs, and the animal has its ears forward. Horses are wonderful to photograph, sometimes challenging, and with a wide scope of photographic styles and skills involved.  I highly recommend giving it a go. Just stay safe, be respectful of the horses, get creative, and have fun.
By: Lea Hawkins