Wagon Masters

Climb on up for a ride with Wagon Masters Liz & Jimmy Patschke while Gypsy Cobs Bob and Scirocco navigate the trails at Aunique Ranch.   Liz and Jimmy Patschke own JLP Carriage Company and have two Gypsy Cob geldings, Bob and Scirocco.  When asked about her boys Liz beams as she tells their story.

Bob was 4 years old when he came to us. He is 6 years old now. He was and always has been a very sweet gentle horse. We wanted Bob to be a carriage horse so we sent him to a wonderful trainer, Tom O’Carroll who trained Bob to pull a carriage. He has been a steadfast, easy going, honest horse for us.  I will say……however……Bob’s one vice is……He is the laziest horse on the face of the planet.  He claims that vice and has always agreed with me about it.

Scirocco came to us when he was 8 years old. He is 10 years old now. We wanted a pair of Gypsy horses and found Scirocco in Florida.  When Scirocco came to us he already knew how to pull.  We liked that about Scirocco so he could help Bob learn the ropes of pulling a carriage.  Scirocco knows his job and is happy and willing to take people for a ride.  Scirocco has become my “Heart” horse.  He didn’t care much for people when he came to us but now Scirocco is the first horse to come to me when I go to the pasture.

Bob and Scirocco are partners, a team….they know each other and know what the other one is going to do which is comical at times. Bob, being the laziest horse on the face of the planet, “let’s” Scirocco do all the pulling.  When I drive them I have to watch for that and move Bob up so he will pull his share of the load.