Be The Breeder Program

In the interest of breeding responsibly, Aunique Ranch is proud to offer a program that lets you be the breeder.  You, the breeder, decide who you would like to breed for your future foal from a list of mares.  You are registered as the Breeder.  Pick a stallion and mare from a list of choices given let us do the rest.  No mare leasing fees, no daily mare care bills for the mare, no stallion semen fees.  No hidden cost. Monthly payments make it easy to have your dream horse.  Choose a mare from below and one of the stallions listed next to her.  Contact us at 713.203.0683 for more information.  Terms are a deposit of $2,000.00 and payments scheduled for a 15 month period.

2019 Be the Breeder List

Gypsy Chic 14.hh k (Choice) Shandor of Orcas Island 15hh, Auniques Dr Watson 14.2hh or Guthries Tumbler 14.2hh – Available

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Gypsy Chic nT Ee Gg Sire Lion King Dam Sterling Sylvia

Shandor of Orcas Island ee aa 12.50%  Gray Red
12.50%  Black
12.50%  Gray (Black) Tobiano
12.50% – Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
12.50% – Gray (Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)) Tobiano
12.50%  Black Tobiano
12.50%  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano
12.50%  Gray Black

Auniques Dr Watson Ee aa nCr    9.38%  Black Tobiano
9.38%  Gray (Smoky Black)
9.38%  Gray (Black)
9.38%  Smoky Black
9.38%  Gray (Smoky Black) Tobiano
9.38%  Black
9.38%  Gray (Black) Tobiano
9.38%  Smoky Black Tobiano
3.13%  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
3.13%  Gray (Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)) Tobiano
3.13%  Palomino Tobiano
3.13%  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano
3.13%  Gray (Palomino)
3.13%  Gray (Red (Chestnut/Sorrel))
3.13%  Palomino
3.13% Gray (Palomino) Tobiano

Guthries Tumbler additional semen fee                                12.50%  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
12.50%  Gray (Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)) Tobiano
12.50%  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano
12.50% Gray (Red (Chestnut/Sorrel))
6.25%  Black Tobiano
6.25%  Gray (Bay)
6.25%  Gray (Black)
6.25%  Bay
6.25%  Gray (Bay) Tobiano
6.25%  Black
6.25%  Gray (Black) Tobiano
6.25%  Bay Tobiano






















Auniques Chepi 13.2hh k (Choice) Auniques Takoda 13.0hh, Auniques Enapay 13.1hh or Shilah Anoki 14.1 hh- Available

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Auniques Chepi Ee Aa Sire Cicis Duke of Earl Dam Chalindra

Shilah Anoki TT                                                                                43.75%  Bay Tobiano
43.75%  Black Tobiano
12.50% Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano

Auniques Takoda EE                                     50.00%  Black
50.00%  Bay

Auniques Enapay nT EE aa nZ                      12.50% Silver Bay
12.50% Silver Black
12.50% Bay Appaloosa
12.50% Black Appaloosa
12.50% Bay
12.50% Silver Bay Appaloosa
12.50% Black
12.50% Silver Black Appaloosa

















Blarney Stones My Sharona 13.2hh k (Choice) Auniques Takoda 13.0hh, Auniques Enapay 13.1hh or Shilah Anoki 14.1 hh- Available

Book this Breeding call 713-203-0683

Blarney Stones My Sharona nT EE aa Sire The Godfather Dam Fiona

Auniques Enapay nT EE aa nZ                                       
12.50% Silver Black Appaloosa
12.50% Silver Black Tobiano
12.50% Silver Black
12.50% Black Pintaloosa
12.50% Black Appaloosa
12.50% Black Tobiano
12.50% Silver Black Pintaloosa
12.50%  Black                  Takoda on rightEE                         50.00%  Black Tobiano
50.00% Black

Shilah Anoki TT                                                              100.00% Black Tobiano   















Auniques Magena 14.0hh k (Choice) Auniques Enapay 13.1hh Auniques Kilchii 13.2hh Auniques Medicine Man 14.1hh  – Due 2019

Book this Breeding call 713-203-0683

Auniques Magena Aa, nCr, nZ Sire Cicis Duke of Earl Dam Cicis Rapunzel

Medicine Man TT LP/lp EE aa                                     6.25% Silver Smoky Black Tobiano
6.25% Bay Appaloosa  Tobiano
6.25% Buckskin Tobiano
6.25% Silver Buckskin Appaloosa Tobiano 
6.25% Silver Black Tobiano
6.25% Smoky Black Appaloosa Tobiano
6.25%  Bay  Tobiano
6.25% Silver Bay Appaloosa Tobiano
6.25% Silver Buckskin Tobiano
6.25% Black Appaloosa Tobiano
6.25% Smoky Black Tobiano
6.25% Silver Smoky Black Appaloosa Tobiano
6.25% Silver Bay Tobiano
6.25% Buckskin Appaloosa Tobiano
6.25% Black Tobiano
6.25% Silver Black Appaloosa Tobiano























Cicis Sugar N Spice k Auniques Medicine Man – Due 2019

Cicis Sugar N Spice Sire DJ Flash of Gold

Medicine Man






Auniques Tokala k Auniques Dr WatsonDue 2019

Auniques Tokala Sire Guthries Tumbler Dam Guthries Rani

Auniques Dr Watson










Lone Stars Lady in Lace k Auniques Dr Watson  – Due 2019

Lone Stars Lady in Lace

Auniques Dr Watson






Lone Stars Salena k Auniques Takoda – Due 2019

Lone Stars Salena Sire The Chocolatier Dam DJ Grace

Auniques Takoda