Equipment and Building Maintenance Manager

This position is responsible for all equipment maintenance. Kubota RTV’s, Tractor, Hay Equipment, Oil changes, hydraulic fluids, etc… This position also requires painting fences, stalls, fixing gates etc…   Newly Retired individuals welcome. 1 10

Agro Tourism Gardener Program Planner

Responsible for all aspects of organizing, planning, planting, growing and presentation of tourist and school gardens. Horse safe plants and vegetables only. You will earn 50% of all revenue from all tours, field trips, your produce sales and classes you initiate and host. All land, fertilizer and seeds will be provided. (most tools available as well).  4 V

Group Tour Planner and Host

This position is to promote and host group tours. We currently host group and individual tours but need someone to help get more and host more. Our hours are 10am to 12pm for tours because we have to work the other hours. If you are willing to promote and host group tours on your own after a short orientation we can arrange all the rest. You will receive 30% of the proceeds from each tour you book and host. Tour limits are 16 people per trailer maximum, each tour is two hours and you would be responsible for one trailer load. Any groups bigger than 16 can be accomplished during certain hours and your percentage stays 30% on your trailer and 20% on the others. Equine and Nature knowledge a plus but will teach the right candidates.  3 V

Horse Groomer

This is a voluntary position and is basically grooming, washing horses and inspecting horses for any health issues. Some horse experience required. With over 60 horses there are several positions. After the first three days orientation you name your days and hours that you are available to you between the hours of 7am to 4pm open 7 days a week.  20 V

Group Exercise Trainer Planner

This is a voluntary experiment. You would be expected to arrange all aspects of an exercise class held on the ranch. You would be expected to obtain interested parties, set the price and conduct the class. We will alot land. Proceeds will be split 60/40 in your favor. We provide insurance, land, speakers, and some music. What you earn is up to your ability to start your own business. 2 V

Poultry and Exotic Bird Assistant

Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Peacocks, guineas and Ducks are here to stay. Would you like to help and learn about them. Best way to learn is hands on and we are offering a hands on approach. We have a 12 year old Bird Whisperer on the Ranch who is making a living tending to them and selling them. She incubates her eggs and raises them. She is currently looking for volunteers to help her with her fowl. Emphasis on helping her with raising, arranging tour sites for them and selling them. Hours are at your convenience between 7am and 4pm any day of the week. Help with arranging and presenting tours and or field trips for an additional income based on a 40%/60% breakdown. 40% being your portion.

Horse Trainer

This position requires a working knowledge of horses and how to properly train them. Some experience required. With horses of various ages at different levels of equitation some in hand and some riding will be required. Despite your knowledge I have over 50 years of equine service. Please do not apply if you are unwilling to learn other methods and disciplines. Applicant may also be asked to help with riding lessons. 1 12

Director Producer

This is an experiment! You want to make movies, reality tv or documentaries we have the perfect setting. We are willing to let you use our setting for your future movie. Need actors we have a herd and a flock. Want to use the herd or flock along with actors they are ready. It’s up to you to do the work we provide the location. In exchange we ask for 50/50 percent of all sales as well as a copy of any/all videos and final approval of all video as well as a copy. (I am easy to work with just no bad horse pictures).  2V

Ranch Photographer

This position is for a Ranch Photographer. You will be taking photos when you are available from 7am to 4pm. Copyright belongs to you but we are allowed to use any photos videos you take of our horses as advertising for the ranch on social media, website or any way we need to and will make sure to list you as the photographer. You have the ability to sell your photos for marketing or advertising. You also have the ability to arrange and set up any graduation, wedding or photo sessions for a 50/50 split. In exchange we provide the scenery, transportation to the scenery, insurance and our time.  2V

Aunique Ranch, LLC. Employment Application

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